How do i make a notification when your energy is low?

title explains but this description has to be 20 characters

Make sure you have an energy meter. Wire the energy meter to the popup.

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs —> (Repeater) Start Repeater

(Repeater) Repeater Runs Task —> (Checker) Run Check

(Checker) Check Passes —> (Notification Send Notification

Wont show up, why? I did all the steps.

What are your device settings?
More specifically, your repeater and checker settings.
Do note there’s a 0.5 second delay.

Can you send a screenshot?
I’ll send some images as well.

That should be right.
What are your wires?

It keeps sending as well.

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Wire the Repeater to a Wire Repeater.
Now, wire that Wire Repeater to another Wire Repeater.

(Repeater) Repeater Runs Task —> (Wire Repeater) Repeat Wire Pulse

(Wire Repeater 1) Wire Pulse Repeated —> (Repeater) Stop Repeater

(Wire Repeater 1) Wire Pulse Repeated —> (Wire Repeater 2) Repeat Wire Pulse

(Wire Repeater 1) Wire Pulse Repeated —> (Repeater) Start Repeater

I will try this I will let you know if it works or not.

This’ll make it not send multiple notifications because it’s constantly stopped and started when the task is run.

Can you send photos? Seems confusing.

okay hold on

Okay, I can’t wire devices but for some reason but I’ll walk you through it.

So, once the Repeater runs the task and sends the notification, it’ll send a wire pulse to another wire repeater to stop the repeater (not wire repeater)

We’ll call that wire repeater “wire repeater 1.”
Now, we connect wire repeater 1 to another wire repeater which we’ll call “wire repeater 2.”
Wire that to the repeater (not wire repeater) to stop it.

Then, you should be able to understand these

Did it work?

still trying to understand lol

what do you mean by “not wire repeater”

like a normal repeater?

It’s not a wire repeater, a repeater.