How do i make a notification when your energy is low?


If you can’t still understand it, here’s a chart in-game:

Player Runs Out Of Energy —> Send Notification

(Repeater) Repeater Runs Task —> (Wire Repeater 1) Send Pulse To Wire Repeater 1

(Wire Repeater 1) Pulse Sent to Wire Repeater 1 —> (Repeater) Stop Repeater

(Wire Repeater 1) Pulse Sent to Wire Repeater 1 —> (Wire Repeater 2) Send Pulse to Wire Repeater 2

(Wire Repeater 2) Pulse sent to Wire Repeater 2 —> (Repeater) Start Repeater

the cooldown on the repeaters?

The cooldown on the Repeater is 0.5 and the Cooldown on the Wire Repeater is 0.0.

Screenshot 2023-12-07 7.48.20 PM
this is what i have

You don’t need a seperate repeater, only one.

so i delete the repeater and i’m fine?

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it works finally thank you

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yes and you wire that wire repeater to stop that repeater
no problem

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