How do I make a fishing system?

How do i make it so you can fish, and sell items? I’m trying to make a fishtopia battle royale game.


I’m making a fishing system too! Here’s what I did.

so first use a button for the fishing interactions. Connect that to a trigger. Then, add a block that triggers when the trigger triggers.

the block should have this (It should be simple enough to actually read so you can edit it however you want) (don’t mind the extra greyfish1 there. Also the numbers after the fish names are for me to remember the order.) (Remove the addition of the rodlevel if you don’t want to add rod levels) (remember to add those properties!)


After this, add all 10 (or less) fish item granters and make sure to give the player the fish when broadcasted on their corresponding channel.

For the selling part, I’d assume vending machines work but I have yet to get to that part. I’ll update when I actually figure it out! (I’m sure there’s also tutorials online)


the code blocks just look like’s blocks, but anyways i’ll try


Yep- it’s called block coding. Basically the simplest of coding languages

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let me know if there are any issues.

But though, i tried and it was pretty easy. But this coding looks hard

@ArcherThesu Need help on the channel broswer, how can i do that on the broadcast code?

Check out this Intro to Blocks guide made by @Blackhole927!


I’ve just found a post in the Community Made Tutorials for the selling part. Here’s the link if you need it.

ahem I’m stuck on this

Here’s what you might want to do:

if (Get Property “rodlevel” = 0) {
    broadcast message on “rod0 odds”

if (Get Property “rodlevel” = 1) {
    broadcast message on “rod1 odds”

if (Get Property “rodlevel” = 2) {
    broadcast message on “rod2 odds”

Then, for each of those channels make a trigger that receives them and write the odds for catching fish with that rod there.

What I’ve done for that is basically broadcast that the player has no rod. If you want the player to start with a rod then you dont have to worry about that part. Just make rodlevel default value to 1.

What I’ve done to use less blocks is simply make a formula in which increases the chances by a bit, as shown in my code for the fishgivenID. Though, this is another way to do it.

I’d post a guide for this, but I have 9.5h left until I can post another one

Actually I might post a guide for my entire fishing system lol

mine’s the original post from the old forum. just copied it over

Ah okay- I dont have to make one then lol

it’s only catching green fish for me

i used @Cryptoraider_Gemkit 's from the old forum, and it works great for me

oh, I don’t get the point of that :top: can’t you just wire up a button an 7 different item granters with different fish?