How do I make a fishing system?

Assuming you don’t use blocks, it will just grant you all the varieties of fish.

in blocks, you can only send a channel signal to communicate to gadgets. and thus, wires wont work

i tried that :top: it did’t work ):

sorry for late response. what exactly isn’t working? are you not getting the fish? try removing each piece that would stop it from working. such as the bait system

it’s only giving green fish

are you talking about @ArcherThesu 's? because mine works just fine. something that might break it is not having all the variables set to number @dude747

probably, I mean the one on top

I’m making a fishing system too! Here’s what I did.

so first use a button for the fishing interactions. Connect that to a trigger. Then, add a block that triggers when the trigger triggers.

the block should have this (It should be simple enough to actually read so you can edit it however you want) (don’t mind the extra greyfish1 there. Also the numbers after the fish names are for me to remember the order.) (Remove the addition of the rodlevel if you don’t want to add rod levels) (remember to add those properties!)


After this, add all 10 (or less) fish item granters and make sure to give the player the fish when broadcasted on their corresponding channel.

For the selling part, I’d assume vending machines work but I have yet to get to that part. I’ll update when I actually figure it out! (I’m sure there’s also tutorials online)

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because if so i’d contact @ArcherThesu

i made my own selling system that works with your fishing system. it has a button by the sell station that when you press triggers a repeater with 5 repeates, which is connected to vending machines. the reason for the repeaters is if you have more than one fish, and in my game you get five bait at a time, probably a better way, but mine works

I did that and it’s not working

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You have to make sure they are in order from most rare to least rare.

I also made my own. imma shamlessly promote it now: Selling System like Fishtopia| GUIDE | Difficulty : 🟨 (Old Forum Repost) - #3 by Cryptoraider_Gemkit

yeah i dont know, ask @ArcherThesu

did that

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are both of yours the same?

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no, they are not hehe

i thought you could make an invisible vending machine and a popup

only a day late lol
what exactly is the problem?

whats the diff

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