How can I make a sentry talk?

I need help, How can I make sentries talk but also trade - also, how can i add a rejection - like when you don’t have the object needed to be traded with. I need it to be simple, also sorry if my text doesn’t really make any sense.

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ah you need a notfication system

Use a button and a few popups

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im not smart so lets get @WolfTechnology

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I don’t think you do. Just use what @Blizzy said

step by step examples?

You can use this guide

Yes, I need step by step.

you put the sentry on the players team then you you a button invisable wired to a popup that says the sentrys message.

I need a talk and trade with choices and a device that can detect if the player has or does not have the item needed.

Try using this. Just edit some of it

You can use these guides.

Alright, i will try them. Thanks!

You can use the “call to action” section on the popup to show buttons, maybe the text on the buttons could show options for what you could say? Also, as a tip for the trading part, you can use an item granter and put in a negative number to take items away from players.