How to create an Pokemon style NPC

Step 1

Place a sentry

Step 2

Put a zone over the sentry and turn off gadget fire.

Alternate Step 2

If you don’t want to use zones and don’t have teams, then you can set the sentry to team 1.

Step 3

Place a button over the sentry.

Step 4

Make sure that the button settings look like this:

Step 5

Place a pop-up device next to the sentry and follow the directions in the image

Step 6

Wire the button to the pop-up and and check off these options:

If you do this right then this should be your final product:


You can make the popup a banner to make it more like talking, and you can use call-to-action buttons as dialogue.


Nice guide! I will add a catching Pokemon guide in addition to my turn based combat to make it more like Pokemon!

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Nice job! Pretty cool!

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you could also use zones to create “when zone entered show overlay” and “when zone left hide overlay”

bump because yes raw



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bump cuz this is awsome!