Help with what i should add to my map

orrr in gimkit you are playing gimkit but you are in gimkit creative playing gimkit creative playing gimkit creative [TEXT REDACTED FROM LENGTH AND BODY SENTENCE NOT BEING CLEAR]

Ok, well, that would take a lot of memory.

gimkit creative in gimkit creative [TEXT REDACTED]
yes it would but why not add it??

It would take up too much memory. Now, let’s think about some other possibilities.

i know its a joke, also is forum lagging for you?

also again i think this should have more than enough help in it
oops that is my school essay

here is what you were asking for ealier @CoolGimkitPlayer

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Yes, it is. Also, nice essay!

Add a castle to the map

i wouuld like some help with that

nooooo i missed somthing in my mega ideas list!

Would you like some more ideas?laughs evilly…

pls no :wink:

You could use a massive car emoji and use block code to move it?

does that wink mean yes well than look HERE The Ultimate Ideas List By Legobuilder

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ideas for some ideas I guess. :person_shrugging:

Add the capital of gimcity…add a rocket ship building location for nasa
Add a war reenactment
add museums
Add sites from old civil wars
Add rest stops
Add factories
add 7-11
[Rest of text has been redacted due to length and the sound of a million ideas at once being unintelligible]

i would like to see a war reenactment

hey should i make that as a guide?

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Adding cars on the street,
Add some parks and green spaces
sports stadiums and arenas
Shopping malls and markets
Restaurants and cafes
Public transportation hubs
Residential neighbourhoods
Hospitals and clinics
Universities and schools
Skyscrapers and landmarks
Beaches and waterfront areas
Industrial factories and warehouses
Airports and train stations
Amusement parks and zoos.

Nooooooo i must counter this…

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