Help with what i should add to my map

so i know there there are a lot of these, but my map is a different kind of map, its a map where there are a bunch of different structures where you can go into, (it’s basically a city) and you can have fun. but i have so many building and i don’t know what to add, please help

Here’s some ideas!

  1. Ping Pong(If you can figure out the mechanics)
  2. Pong(There’s a guide, I think)
  3. Mini CTF
  4. Mini Tag
  5. Find the Prop/Button
  6. Hide and Seek
  7. Arcade with mini games
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i have an arcade, i have a whole play ground, i have a whole lot of thinks, (would you like me to name them)

hide and seek woun’t work, it’s not a closed in map, so you can go anywhere, so like where there arn’t structures

1.a few or one stadium for soccer?
2. a gym for basketball
3. library
4. movie theater
5. school
6. park
7. coffe shop
8. apartments
9. nuke bunkers
10. houses and buildings under construction
11.statue of giberty? (statue of liberty gimkit-ified standing for equal rights for all gim-players and for the right of freedom of restricted gimkit!)
12. pool
13.colloseum (gladiator battles)
14. bank
15. prison
16. clothes store
17. vortex secret hq
18. echo secret hq
19. escape room
20. training rooms for kitlicinda and gimzone
21. fire station
22. police station
23. laboratory
24. pizzeria (does not have to be fnaf, pizzerias exist without fnaf)
25. workout gym
26. empire state building but like in percy jackson and the olympian gods, there is secret 600th floor to mount olympus
27. secret roman demigod training camp (camp jupiter)
28. secret greek demigod training camp (camp half blood)
29. secret egyptian training house/mansion
30. chocolate store
31. pirate ship island (small island with pirate ship)
32. the witch hut
33. the spy warehouse (kynami place)
34. detective bakas detective station.
35. godzilla in red sox stadium attacking king ghidorah (just frozen in place not in animation)
36. animated highway
37. capture the flag building (a building where you pay for capture the flag)
38 laser tag (same as capture flag where you pay but paying to play laser tag)
39. bus stops
40. hiking up a small mountain
41. junkyard
42. houses
43. construction sites
44. amazon warehouse
45. school
46. waterfall
47. mansion
48. palm tree beach
49. forest/jungle
50. a arcade
51. a robber/criminal warehouse (bonsey sentry skin)
52. the among us ship (could have a enterable inside or just be the outside)
53. nuclear power plant
54. water tower
55. garden(s)
56. concert


Houses, skyscrapers, bridges, temples, stadiums, towers

ok so i have
a soccer place
a basketball cours
a mobie theater
a library
i have houses
a comunety pool
a every thing shop

(i have more i’m just naming the things i have that is on your list)

ok, @twofoursixeight do you know how to make a temple

i almost started overdoing it…i left out a million other things was gonna add. because gtg …20 trillion more ideas in a bit

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when you get teh chance, could you tell me them?

WAIT, you should add gimkit inside of gimkit!.

eladorate pls

  • Working Casino
  • Hotel
  • Gas Station
  • Gym
  • Theater (Plays not Movies)

You should remember that too much is a thing. I would say you only need 20 MAX buildings in the entire map/city or whatnot.

MAke a computeer and when you click the button on the computer, then you get teleported into a place with gimkit theme (like you are in the game)

yes i will…just keep in mind i have essay to finish.

could you help me with that, i don’t have anyideas

thanks :slight_smile:

how about a car shop or a grill resturant

well that would be a good idea, but it’s gimkit, you can’t drive cars

and lots of other people have said resturant, so i’ll probebly add that.