Help with teams and endings

Is there a way to make it so that when one team is wiped out the game ends? And is their a way to make it so that a laser only damages one team?

Try using this guide but make one live player counter per team so when one of the counters gets to 0 the othrr team wins.

Well i was trying this but I realized that if you make it so that when the counter gets to zero the game ends, wouldn’t the game end after 0.5 secs because the counter starts at zero?

Are there respawns? Or is it just you get koed you’re out?

there are respawns in the game

Is there a way to fix it then?

or make it work somehow?

If there are respawns then how does a team get wiped out?

Its like bed wars when the prop is destroyed the players can be wiped out

Activate a trigger with a player score and max trigger of 1 on the team’s spawn when the prop is destroyed. Make sure to deactivate the trigger on game start, when the trigger is activated use a relay so only the specific team can see it, and to have a trigger for every team,!

thanks I will try this

this but with a team scope

it doesn’t work for some reason, it just immediately ends the game. And by team scope that just means duplicating the system and changing the relay and properties right?

Make the laser deactivate at game start, and make it team scoped, and make a Relay triggering a specific team then make it whatever you want, then make a lifecycle, then wire it from lifecycle to relay (Event occurs—Trigger relay) then from relay to laser (Relay trigger – Activate laser

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in my case, you press a button to activate the laser. Couldn’t I just make two lasers in the same spot, team scoped and make one do like 100 and one do zero?

For the laser one, you can do block code to check their team. If they are on the team that should not be damaged, heal them the amount of HP the laser takes away!

No because it’ll be activated for everyone

oh, ok I’ll try this

How would I do this?

Logic block, essentials, I think that’s what they’re called? The dark blue color, simple equalities, (We should all be in middle school, so you should know that… right?) basically a equal sign, and number!

I can supply an image, be right back…