Help with poison damage

In my game, you can choose characters with special abilities. One of the characters i want to have is for when you damage someone, it does a bit of bleeding damage, like a burn or poison effect. I only want one character to be able to do it

multiple people can choose the character btw

either this or…

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1st guide is for something like a storm, not when you damage another player with a gadget
2nd guide just explains pseudo health and i have other characters that would mess it up (and i dont think its worth getting rid of regular health and putting pseudo health all for one character)

are you ok with block code?

pretty decent with it yea

can you find the range of the gadget this character uses

You need zone → when enter zone → start repeater → when leave zone stop repeater → when repeater runs → damager deals _____ damage.

currently, in Gimkit you cannot track when someone is hit by a gadget, what you are trying to do is quite hard. The hardest part is tracking who got hit by the gadget.

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Possibly use this guide:

read the topic post…

Stoopid stuff

as chrysostom said the tracking if player is hit part is difficult but I think it’s possible.
So i’ve been theorizing now and since slopes in GKC block code should be possible you would need the gadget’s a) range |and| b) bullet speed.
I will try making this later but I have a feeling if someone like PikaPokemon reads this post, they will make the system first since I’m VERY busy as of the moment.
Using the formula for slope[1] we can calculate where the bullet is firing.

at the end of the above drop-down I was saying that determining what direction a gadget is fired is possible and then I realized it’s currently not. so a waste of time if you want to read it.

  1. change in y over change in x ↩︎