Toxic waste spill/Gas that does poison / fire damage

use this guide for pvp shrinking zones! or gas vent traps.

first set dmg of the damager to 1


wire it to a trigger
player enters zone > trigger
make a new trigger set max triggers to 15 and delay to 1 sec
triggered > trigger

then wire the first trigger to the damager

now get a overlay

then player enters zone > show overlay
gets a trigger with a 15 sec delay
then player enters zone > trigger
trigged > hide overlay
make shure you turn off trigger visibility and collision for ALL TRIGGERS

and your done i hope this was usefull!

final product! ignore the retrieve item things

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You could also use this as a storm that does damage if you’re NOT in it!

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you could also do this much simpler with just 3 devices bud

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great guide Edward… this will help many battle royal maps!

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yea but im tryna make it simple

or u could do if player leaves zone > deactivate trigger then it would be the storm,

lol dont worry it dosent even have block code its basically just a repeater,dmg device, and a zone
so less than 4 devices which is what ur using
also yeh cant wait to make a burn effect :3
just switch around channels and it does a storm effect

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this is why i didnt use repeaters


lol repeaters are still useful sometimes bud
triggers are good for complicated and/or precise things
repeaters are good for simple and low precision things

Repeaters take up more memory and you can do the exact things and MORE with the trigger loop


yeah like what team can trigger it, there is even BLOCK CODE in a trigger… ANDDD you can change the interval by adding another trigger