Help me make an Train game but different DAY: 2

My plan is to make an Choo choo Charles ripoff but still pretty good you get into a train like Edward and fight the train monster , so far we have an station and an half done train.

soon I will add more devices.

What mechanics do you need help with?

Also, welcome to the community!

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Help with my train game similar topic


Welcome to the forum, @CaptionPuffy! You may want to cover up the j0in c0de (unless it it expired, to avoid flags.)

Thank you, also I need a little help with using the trigger I don’t understand it that well and is there a way to make an monster like Choo Choo Charles or do I have to figure something else out?

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It’s expired don’t worry

It most likely expired.

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Here is a section on the trigger. Also, welcome to the forum! :]


You can decorate a sentry using props.

Here’s a guide on how to use a Trigger:


How do you want the monster to act/move? By the way, you might want to remove the solution since this post hasn’t been quite solved yet.


I want the monster to attack the play and witness the player also I am still figuring the posting thing out so It may take a while to remove it

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Don’t worry, you’ve removed it.

Do you want the monster to actively seek out the player or just attack them while they are in a certain radius?


Actively seek the player so it can feel more lively if not possible then radius

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Assuming you are going to split up the map into smaller rooms or sections(if you aren’t planning on doing that, I highly recommend it so this process doesn’t have to be as tedious), place a zone in each section. Connect the zone to a sentry to activate it. Place the sentry inside the room. Connect the zone to a wire repeater (player leaves->) then the wire repeater to the sentry to deactivate it. We need a wire repeater in between the two since you can’t connect something to the same device twice.

Do this for every section of the map. If you will not divide your map into sections, place zones everywhere like a coordinate grid. Before doing either of these things, read the whole post. You will see why later.

From then on, we run into two issues. This isn’t a problem if the game is only intended for one player The sentry needs to know what player to track if you don’t want it appearing in more than one location. Tell me if this is an issue for your game.

The more concerning issue is the fact that the sentry’s health will not transfer in between sentries since they are all separate devices. You can easily ignore this if your game does not involve damaging the monster. Otherwise, place a prop with damage turned on to act as an “energy source” that will serve as the sentry’s health. Connect the prop to a trigger (prop destroyed->). Set the trigger’s collision and visibility setting to “no.” Set the trigger to transmit on channel when triggered. Set the zone to deactivate when receiving on that channel. The last time I checked props don’t have a channel setting for this(thus the extra steps), correct me if I’m wrong. Then you can copy and paste the zones.

If you don’t know what channels are, look here


I will try this and tell you how it goes I will try my best and thank you, for the guide about channels I couldn’t find a guide that explains it correctly, also it’s for all players so I will have to try to code it and use more devices hopefully it would work bug free


One question is it possible to do this outside the train so it could kill the player from outside the train.

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What do you mean?


Can the sentry be outside the Train and still respawn the player or do I have to add windows?

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