Hello i was going to make fnaf but i see yall have that coverd can yall help me make bendy,baldi, and poppy playtime?

any ideas on check points and elavators and the enemy’s

Also, I don’t play Bendy, Poppy Playtime or Baldi’s Basics so can you tell me how those games work?
What specific mechanics in those games do you want to recreate in Gimkit Creative?

well for baldi i want to make note books that you have o collect to eascape and a enemy that can trap you in a room for 1min and the main enmy to head to that room during that time

and for poopy playime i want to make grabpacks so players can grabb stuff from far distances

and for bandy to collect stuff to activate the ink machine

You can use an item spawner for that but there is a range limit in Gimkit Creative on how far you can interact/get objects/items.

Use a vending machine for the “Ink Machine”
Also, what is the goal for the game?
Do you want to end the game when the Ink Machine is activated?

no,that will just telaport you to the next level the main point is to eascape and free the lost ones

So basically a Dungeon Crawler or Escape Room?

kind of but baldi is what i am mainly worried about

you are very help full maybe i should invite you to the game to help would that be okay

oh yah but i am also worried about poppy because the mechanics are advanced

i will do that i really need help

i am right now im sending code i also gave you acess to edit just in case

Try to figure it out on your own first or make a less complicated game so you get the satisfaction of figuring out how to do things on your own.

You might be able to do it with @Shdwy save file system found here.

Yeah, but in fnaf though, if you lose, (basically ending a game in gkc) the game ends but you can still continue on the night before you lost.
In creative, this doesn’t work with ending and starting the game though, but yes, it’s the currently only practical way to do that.

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Welcome to the forums, @bendyandink!

Haiasi, c’mon man. You should know better.

(get it’s not impossible’d)

Also, I literally made a guide on save files lmao it is absolutely currently possible.