Hello i was going to make fnaf but i see yall have that coverd can yall help me make bendy,baldi, and poppy playtime?

Have they ever been made in GKC?

Save files?

yeah, I made one when I was working on the guide.

Well yeah, you could do that but you can’t really get back to your current progress once the game ends (basically when you die in fnaf) or the tab is closed.
It only allows you to save your progress in-game, while the game is still in progress and not closed/ended.

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Why not? I mean, aside from damage, which is very difficult to track, pretty much everything can be saved.

Welcome to the forum, @bendyandink! I hope you like it here!

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cancling baldi,bendy,and poppy takes to many blocks

im making fnaf ar now because well everyone wants to make fnaf 1 and 2 so why not a differnt game

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