Guide for using buttons with teleporters difficulty [⬜ or 0/10]

This guide will show you how to make teleporters work with just 3 items:
Okay so…

  1. You are gonna need to put down a button:

  2. Then put down the teleporter:

  3. Then you connect a wire from the button to the teleporter and select these circles:

And there you go!!


Nice guide! I’d say the difficulty is :white_large_square: or 0/10.

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Ik and I still use it like that bc idk how to make it so when you walk into it it teleports you. Do you?

Nice guide, I would agree with mysz

Thanks :grin:

its in the settings of the teleporter, u have to create 2 teleporters and then you have to change the group names of both and then set the target groups of both to the others teleporter group name

Great first guide!

Can u dum that down?

thats as simple as it gets

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yeah its my first so I just did something simple!
Guys since i’m new i’m going to run out of replys soon :frowning:


Nevermind im now level 1 so i can reply as much as i want phew!!

Here’s how to use them

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Thank you so much it works and I very much understand it!!!

@NavyCatZ are you on this…



Ok I’m gonna send you a chat on there.

Great guide!

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