Google garden Gnome

So I’m planning on making a guide about google garden gnome game Is it possible.

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  • No
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it is, but with animation, so you would need to animate the catapult and randomize the animation for the gnome on how far it goes. Here are some guides that may help you.

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Yeah I know but how about the mechanic @WolfTechnology

yeah with some animation yes. also math

To be honest, yes it could be possible, but incredibly hard. You’d have to do bounce physics, momentum, gravity, and much much more.

That’s really funny. I think you should! :slight_smile:
(Actually, I don’t even know what that is, but it seems like a good idea, lol.)

mechanic’s like randomizing the gnomes, how to launch(would be the button/trigger) and that would be like the start of the animation/ launch of gnome.

True but you can use block code like broadcast message on channel like stop or bounce if bounce teleport somewhere

Google: “Google Doodle Gnome game”.

Yes that the game.



It’s a game? Geez, sometimes I feel like I’m on another planet.
Why haven’t I heard of that?


you whave have to have it as a trigger function, so on tap one, 1 second it stays on ground then after prop starts to go up again and repeat for the number of said bounces.


I mean, not many people search google doodle. I learned about google doodle from the champion island games that was on the homepage a couple years back.


Yeah maybe I will work on it soon but I might ask help on wix and plus I’m doing a guide to gkc jumping. So maybe later.

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The thing is, momentum is incredibly hard.

Yeah, the only google doodle game I’ve played is either Snake or that seriously fun baseball game.


I don’t know, maybe you just missed looking for gnomes?


This is a little off topic so let get back to the point :smiley:

Yeah that, plus the point of the game is timing, so how would that effect the gameaswell? There is a lot you can do about this, but it is very possible.

Also the falling mechanics would be hard