Gimkit Chatbot!

Can we make a chatbot in gimkit? Maybe even using a keyboard.

very-hard is unused.

List of tags to avoid in GKC forum

and no we can’t make a chatbot


Impossible, Turned Possible?

Well, you can, but not with a physical keyboard input.


that is a lie

there are many impossible things


I mean, technically it is possible, given unlimited memory and power, but the paltry memory that gimkit provides is not enough.

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You’d need a keyboard to mouse morse code extension for the keyboard to be inputted.

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the issue with this: the stats programs that power chatbots consume a ridiculous amount of power

gimkit can’t take it


You need to run multi-variable calculus lol.


This would be too hard. And AI-generated text can’t work, there could be random responses, but no true chatbot.

That post doesn’t mean everything in GKC is possible, of course there are many impossible things like custom images or sound effects (or that haven’t been added yet.)
I remember getrithekd saying that we should tell people to prove that it’s impossible, before saying it’s impossible straight up.

However, we sometimes find ways to do ‘impossible’ things like make sorta-custom images using props and emojis or try to simulate DLD (apoll02).
But this- yeah, idk lol I’m not that smart in this field of gimkit.


Yeah I said that.

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But what I am saying, click a button, and in block code it can check if property = this then (you know what…)

So: this is possible, but if you want any quality in terms of responses (think: ChatGPT, or even basic generative chatbots), gimkit just doesn’t have the memory for that.


I would make simple things, like

  1. Hello
  2. What is Gimkit
  3. How long this project took
  4. Who created it
  5. All the people involved in the well being
  6. Prompts
  7. How to beat this [game]

(I would want those to be like if there is a phrase needed.)

I remember someone saying on how to make an actual ai in gimkit. Let me find the post.

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Inputting premade phrases into something and getting an output is a hundred percent possible, but that isn’t really a chatbot.

I think premade phrases are what you mean by this, right?


Here found it. I saw something else 2 months ago but this is the same thing. You could use this as a base for your chat bot.

Then this for a keyboard:

And maybe make a trigger so when a certain phrase is made the trigger checks it and sends a message back. But this a very hard and memory inducing thing.


Correct, but

Is very true. I don’t know how to fix that.

Well it be I think impossiable with today’s blocks and devices to create non-preformed text entries for the ai say back.

maybe we’ll get smth in the future that can make this more possiable bc the odds are against us.

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