GimKart 3D Deluxe Help

Contrary to the last topic, which was getting karts, here I will need help with actual coding. I will post any questions I have here and I will only close this topic after I finish the game/have no more question. This is so I don’t clutter the Help topic.


@ClicClac, you said for your gimmick you wanted a time travel mechanic? How would I work this into my timer system? Solved by @ClicClac in Post #8

If the win factor was based on time, couldn’t a player use this at the very end to win, even if they were in second place?

How do I get my trigger loop to fix itself. Whenever it runs it adds 1 second for every player?(I’m about to move to repeaters.) Solved by @chrysostom in Post #4

How would I create gimmicks like HACKER’s without using a ton of zones? There is a zone limit and I want to have about 9 maps, so that will already be a problem… Solved (Sort of?) by @ClicClac in Post #10

I am making a system where at the end of a race, a block of code would check which player has the smallest amount of time. Right now I don’t know how to make this work, my version is very glitchy and is only for a specific amount of players? Solved by @getrithekd.

@ClicClac, how did you make the system that shows the player what place they are in?

That’s all for now.


How does your timer work? Can I see your triggerloop? What’s hacker’s gimmick?


It is as set of two timers. One is globally scoped for the Universal Time and one is player scoped for the Personal “Win Time”. I am trying to use trigger loops, but they add a second for every player.
I was considering simplifying the to only use seconds, as it would use less memory and be easier to use.

Global: The trigger loop updates a counter, that updates a property called “Universal Time”. This updates a Game Overlay showing Time. Whenever a player finishes the race, it increments a counter that updates a property called “Players Finished”. When “Players Finished” = “Num Players” it deactivates the trigger loop.

Player: A different trigger loop (player scoped) updates a counter, that updates a property called “Player Time”. Whenever a player finishes the race, the trigger loop deactivates.

In the end, the player with the best time wins.


When triggered transmit on: +time
Delay: 1 second

Increment when receiving on: +time.

My bad, it was Cello’s gimmick.

There are more like this, “Based on location” like,

go to blocks and set it to when triggered:

set property (name of property)
value: [(get property name of property) + (1)]

this is unnecessary you can use one trigger[device] being triggered and triggering the same channel (must have interval e.g. 1 second)

It makes more visual sense to use two triggers though.

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a counter would not work in your case because the property is set to the the value of the trigger which wouldn’t work for players to have different scores

Huh. That’s a new idea. You could have the triggerloop only be able to be triggered by team 1 (host). If you want to see my timer, I could show you!

Shouldn’t global time = player time until you finish the race? Then you can just deactivate the triggerloop for one person?

For the ClicClac gimmick, you could deactivate the normal +time trigger that has the 1 second delay, and activate a trigger that has a delay bigger than 1 second, to give the illusion of slowing down time.

Yes please.

I guess I could. My plan was to keep the Universal Time up until everyone finished. But, I think what you said would work better,

For the hacker’s, the best way you could do this would be to put them on a separate team and use a tag zone with auto respawn turned off and the tag radius turned to 3, and have it broadcast on a channel that runs the ability when tagged. Same thing with the banana kart. For the noob kart, you’re going to need a coordinate system. You would have to know where the player is at almost any moment and be able to activate a barrier behind them. Too much work for my taste. For Sr. WyWy’s kart, you could just have buttons in certain locations on the map that only people with Sr. WyWy’s kart could see. They could press the button and activate a prop at the button that blocks something important off (like a key shortcut or something like that).

That makes sense

Thats what I was trying to avoid.

be right back switching classes.

You might just need to pick a different ability. This is the same reason why there aren’t bananas in GK8.

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y’all have your devices in class?

yah. I’m also making GimKart as part of a project, so it was allowed,

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I need to convince one of my teachers to let me do this. Just don’t tell them how good I am at GKC…

For some reason my teacher adores that I can code on GKC. I have made several games for class.

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What games are they? I want to play yours so I can give advice. (if it can be tolerated)

Chromebooks are a part of life. I get to take mine home, but my parents don’t let me take it upstairs, and they are constantly checking my screen when I am on it.

Unfortunately that is advertising and I can’t do that.:frowning: Oh and I didn’t publish them

Advertising? gosh, why is answering a simple question outlawed? y’all, sometimes I feel like these rules are too strict.