Gim-Opoly? is this possible?

A picture speaks a thousand words

Or you could just ask ChatGPT to tidy it up

yet it doesnt now. becuase i need explanations.

Ok. My GKC dissertation[1] was on board games. What do you need help with? It’s a new week, and I have plenty of energy!

  1. I’m joking. ↩︎

well i hve no idea on how i would make monopoly in gimkit.
(gtg real quick)(srry)

The hardest part would probably be-

OH MY GOODNESS @Here_to_help’s Monoply should be perfect.


If you want i could help with the board, also I think barriers would look great as the floor also barriers come in all colors and i know from when i tried to make monopoly that it is hard to make it without orange.

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I think so…
I would just take a lot of effort.


I can help make it if you want…
I’m a professional a blocks…

ah wait ClicClac already posted it :(


hey @ClicClac ? do you want to get on my padlet and help with the mechanics of some of my games?

Uh. I have a bad history with padlet. Also, the expert on Monopoly isn’t me. Can you use the forums for this?

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oh, sorry…

I’m trying to make two games at once and I wanted to see, but sure.

My friend is making Mario party rn. He hasn’t gotten to making the player turns and dice rolls yet though

That’s a shame. Those are usually the worst parts, along with player movement.

Do you need help with taking turns @Caternaught ?

Just in case you do...

How to take turns (Help from Blackhole927 and PotionMaster) 🟧

Hey, I see my guide of Monopoly got linked. Is there anything in specific that you need help with, maybe understanding or doing, based on my guide or not?


sorry, i have been gone for a while. I’m a bit busy so ill respond in a minute.

Yes! start the game, give me the code, and I will b happy 2 help

The forums aren’t for giving out codes there’s always the wix: though