FNaF Ultamite Multiplayer - more help needed

I need A LOT of help with this one. I want it to be UCN but with many players playing as animatronics coming for one player who is the guard. but then there’s my problem, how do I set up zones which only one specific player can activate when each animatronic shares the space? need some BEEG BRAINS here.

night guard abilities for more info:
2 doors on either side that can close
2 vents on either side that can also close
hallway and flashlight
camera with music box and oxygen wind, along with audio lure and flash

i do not belive you can add audio to the game but its nice that your dedicated to your project some people to help can be @WolfTechnology @GimSolver

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There is this great guide that might help:

Closing door:

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thanks! also audio lure is just to tp springtrap to current camera, no sound needed


You can not add audio or any file( PNG, jpeg, GIF, etc) to your game. The audio is not allowed because of copyright issues that would happen. But you can look at a few guides to see if there is anything else you need the is fnaf related.

thank you all! I might need more guides later for other stuff, so i’ll keep in touch for requirements

if you have suggestions, then please share them here!

ok, I finished the doors and vents in the office, now I need a timer for how long the animatronic will linger around the door until they get teleported to their original spot

any ideas on how to make that possible?