Flag not picking up

Hi, I was testing my capture flag map. For some reason it wont let me capture the flag, even if I’m literally next to it. Can you help?

You might want to reload the game or re-put the flag. Also, make sure the teams are right?

by reputting do you mean like deleting the flag and then adding a new one?

that’s what they mean by that.

because i have a LOT of wires connected to it and id hate to do that

oh ok. guess ill have to reset the wires then

have you restarted your device? If so you might want to check the wires and channels to see if they are conflicting with one another causing this issue.

so… the several wires might be causing it?

what do those wires connect too? and what is their function?

they connect to the notifier and flag and alert when the flag is captured or picked up

they’re like 10 wires connecting to the flag

ok so you should have the flag devise wired to the notifier. The Wire saying “When flagged picked up–> Activate Notification” That should only take 1 wire. So what do the other wires connect to and do?

I have to connect relays since different teams have notifications too. btw I gotta go to next class at 11:11 so ill be off for a few hours.

Thats ok. But as for the different teams, you can place two separate flags, not one with relays. That is your issue. Try coping off of this guide. It will help explain how to make these systems correctly. I have to go, ACT testing but I will be back on soon. Good luck.


I have a lot of channels in my map. could interference be the problem?

yes, it could be but it is because only one team can pick up a flag, not even if they switch.

Josh fixed this

This glitch could be caused by GKCP overloading Gimkit’s servers.

I recomend emailing hello@gimkit.com and informing them about your problem.

Nvm they fixed it in yesterday’s update.

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