End of the game widget help

So i have 4 props in my game, and I wanted to where when 3 of the 4 props are destroyed (when only 1 prop is still standing) the game ends showing the last team (with their prop still standing) wins. Is this possible?

IDK maybe connect the end of game widget to one specific item?

not sure if that is going to work…

so make a property for each team and set it to number
set it to 1 when the prop is destroyed
then you can use checkers to check which property is still 0 and then activate a different widget

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This should work, to set the number to 1 use a counter that updates the property and do “Prop destroyed” → “Increment counter” for the wiring between the counter and prop

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but this wont work for last team standing though (the team with the last prop standing)…

Sooo this is like BEDWARS…

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no that’s what I wrote it for it updates properties based on whether or not the prop is destroyed and then activates a widget based on that

so, i added 4 properties, and each one set set to team, should each property have a different name?

scope should be global and yes different names

okay i did that, now what do I have to do about the checkers? @Foxy

4 checkers each will check if a property is equal to 0
if it is that means the prop/bed is not destroyed
if the check fails deactivate the widget
if it passes activate the widget

so how will each property update?

by a counter when the prop is destroyed increase it
and then use a trigger loop or a different kind of repeater to make the checks happen every second

Alright, so i added a counter, and the counter increases on the channel when the bed is destroyed, and it is connected to a property for that team, I’m not sure what to do about the repeating part… @Foxy

have a repeater start on game start and have it link to all 4 checkers

so do i have to put the task interval and time to run to one second? @Foxy

yes so your game doesn’t crash

I don’t know how you do that but would this work: