End of the game widget help

alright done, what else do i have to do? like do I need to connect the property(s) and to the widget or something not sure @Foxy

for the checkers it should check if a property = 1
if it passes it activates the coordinating widget
if it fails it deactivates the coordinating widget
then do this for all 4 with each property

so should the game widget scope be global? @Foxy

yes properties too

wait is there supposed to be a end game widget for each team? @Foxy


ok done that, wht else do i have to do? like how will the end game widget tell that team won? @Foxy

Each end game widget should say their team won, by deactivating the other widgets, the only one that should be activated is the team that won. Therefore, only the team that won will be displayed as the winner.

All you have to do now is set the widget’s text to say something like “Team [insert team number] won!”

so how would the game end tho?

how do you want it to end?

when 3 of the beds are destroyed.

You would have to use the checker to check if only one property as true, once it passes it should connect to an end game device

If this is confusing, I could try to help you over the wixsite (unless it’s blocked for you)

insert a counter with a target value of 3 and make it increment when a bed is destroyed
when target value reacher > end game

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This would probably be less complicated and work better, so go with this post

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okay, the game ended when 3 of the beds are destroyed, but its not showing the game widget.

do you have the repeater linked with a lifecycle so it starts on game start?

okay i just did it, and its still not showing the end game widget @Foxy

so what do you have?
are you missing any of these?
4 properties
5 counters
4 checkers
1 repeater
1 lifecycle
4 end game widgets