End of game help

what do you mean, i need numbers that change based on a property, text number can’t go up by one. <:(

They can, properties can track a number, and game overlays can track a property. However, you’ll have to use block coding, which might be tricky.

DO you mean at the end of the game will it show or in game for end game you have to go to map options while in game you need a game overlay and properties and need to know how to use blocks I could create guide on that.

They want to be able to see the score without using the leaderboard throughout the game

K i will make a guide on that right now

If you are looking for your score to be shown during the game then:

(How do I make a score system with an overlay? - #16 by GimkitNerdlul):

Mine might be easier it will be ready in a min

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hey hey thats me!

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Yep I know, I quoted you.

Use the end game device.

Make the leaderboard track a property and make the score group teams.

To see both teams score throughout the game you could put counters absolutely every were.

Does anyone know how I could this without knockouts, (like with a button) :thinking:

So my idea is you have to go to the bathroom, but you have to walk down this long hallway and there are enemy’s. When you get to the bathroom you teleport a backrooms and the game ends/ you die due to not using the restroom! This idea was based on real life events!!!

:sweat_smile: no. I mean i already have a system, but I need to show two team’s scores at all times because it’s a “competitive” map with like 7 mini-games. When you get to the end of a mini-game (or earn it with farming/fishing), you get a point for your team. I had a counter that kept track of how many points YOUR team has/had, but it was a pain to get to and keep track of, and you couldn’t/can’t tell who was wining, (It also looked really out of place.)
So I need some sort of system that shows everyone which team is winning by showing how many points each team has. I have a trigger at the end of each mini-game which leads to a wire repeater, which leads/lead to the counter, but (again) the counter isn’t working.

Try a game overlay, property, and repeater which constantly updates the game overlay.

That’s part of my question, @Mythemi gave me an “answer” (reply # 17 or 18) but they use knockouts and I use triggers and a wire repeater. So I asked if anyone knows how to do it with those instead.

What do you need? I will test anything