How to make a in game knockout info

First get a number property with a default value of 1 and copy down what I have

(You can change when property value changes channel to anything you want or the name of the property)
Now create a counter with these settings:

No target value needed
Know get a text overlay and go into the blocks section create a new block when receiving go channel ‘GS’ with these blocks:

Pro for team 1 is my property name now get a lifecycle with event on game start and when event occurs transmit on channel ‘GS’

Now get another lifecycle with event Player knocked out. Wire that to the counter incrementing it. Event occurs(player knocked out)—> increment counter. You are done with this or you could just click this button in the game:

you can just use game settings knockouts is the default

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I know it was for a person that needed this so I created a guide on that

I mean this just does the same thing as the setting with more memory

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I know but I put it in the guide if anyone wants to do this.

Also, isn’t this a duplicate guide?


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You have a good spring break and I don;t think so I made this myself

yeah, um. a duplicate guide is when someone makes a guide simular to someone else’s, most cases this happens on accident…


Its a direct result of not searching before posting which is a pretty common error these days.(sorry if this sounds critical, I don’t mean to be) You don’t have take down the guide though but for future reference see if there is a guide first, and then see if it is necessary for the community (something that lazy people can’t easily do on their own)