End of game help

How do you make it so that at the end of a game, it shows the points for a team, and each player in it?

Under map options, there is a score section. You can change it to a property that you track. It can also be kills or an item.

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will it show up when you end the game under “team 1” 1st or something like that?

If it shows the team score. Try it out, and find out new cool things by yourself!

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ok i’ll try it then get back to you on it, also do you know if there’s a way to make it so that you can see both teams scores throughout the game?

There’s a scoreboard button in every game (at top) if that’s what you want.

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no, im mean like a notification that doesn’t go away :sweat_smile:

Game overlay device! They can display things in the corner of your screen!

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They don’t let me display numbers on it, or properties :frowning_face:

It can display text. If you change it to text it should work.

what do you mean, i need numbers that change based on a property, text number can’t go up by one. <:(

They can, properties can track a number, and game overlays can track a property. However, you’ll have to use block coding, which might be tricky.

DO you mean at the end of the game will it show or in game for end game you have to go to map options while in game you need a game overlay and properties and need to know how to use blocks I could create guide on that.

They want to be able to see the score without using the leaderboard throughout the game

K i will make a guide on that right now

If you are looking for your score to be shown during the game then:

(How do I make a score system with an overlay? - #16 by GimkitNerdlul):

Mine might be easier it will be ready in a min

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hey hey thats me!

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