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this is what you will need
1.repeater x4
2.button x4
3. counter x4
4. and any prop

first you will need to conect the button to the repeater set any time you want for it to go off

STEP 2=conect the repeater to the counter make sure its starting value is 0 set the target to whenever you whant it to restart the animation

STEP 3=conect the counter to the prop and target reached show prop
and the do it again for it to hide prop then set how long you want it to apear now i am trying to figur out how to restart the counter pls help
now it does not need to do 4 you could do 2 repeaters but here i am using a police car like here
Screenshot 2024-06-14 2.39.13 PM
Screenshot 2024-06-14 2.39.04 PM

pls help on restart counter


good guide so far, but please explain things better.

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A bit short an–
OH MY EYES!!! Are those repeaters ???
Please look into the guide Kormorant suggested.


Use channels
Put the same channel for reset counter and when target reached

There are already many guides on animation.

Search before you post.


nice guide but like Void said,

there’s already a lot of other guides on these kind of things.

also, please dont use repeaters.


  1. off I go, back into the darkness ↩︎


Context: this is meant to be for comparison purposes and not an actual animation guide


do i really need to say this again?

Its not force but a reccomendation.