Does anyone know how to make the game end when all the players of one team are killed? [SOLVED]

Now before anyone puts a guide to a “Fully Functionally Battle Royale Game” in the replies, I want to clarify something first. I have made it so that when someone dies, they become a spectator. The Goal is to kill the one “Boss Player” who is on the other team. I want it so that if one player manages to kill the boss player, the game will end and the team without the Boss Player wins. How could I do this? If you need more info on what I am trying to achieve, feel free to ask. Pls Help

what? I’m so confused

(Lifecycle) Player Knocked Out > (Trigger) Trigger

Trigger Blockcode:

if | Triggering Player’s Team Number = 2
do Broadcast Message On Channel “endgame”

(Lifecycle) Player Knocks Out > (Trigger) Trigger

Trigger Blockcode:

if | Triggering Player’s Team Number = 1 
do Broadcast Message On Channel “team1wins”
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Sorry for the late reply, and no, I have not got the score thing set up yet. May you please show me? Thanks for you reply too, I’m trying it rn.

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I don’t blame you, I might have explained it bad, Sorry.

Okay, I edited the post now but I’ll also add it here:

For the detection when Team 2 (the boss) wins,
place a Counter linked to a Property called “whowins.”
Make the Target “1” and scope global.

Then, place a Lifecycle wired to a Relay (Team 2) that is wired to a Trigger that has the amount of seconds your game has before ending.

Trigger Blockcode:

if | Get Property “whowins” = 0
do Broadcast Message On Channel “team2wins”

The trigger checks if the “whowins” property is 0, and that means the players on team 1 have not yet killed the boss, therefore making the Boss Player win.


For the channel debugging, the “team1wins” channel increments a counter’s value (see previous reply for that)

For the channel debugging, the “team2wins” channel increments a counter’s value.

For the property debugging, the “whowins” property is a counter-linked property that increments to decide the winner.

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wait, how do this work? Is it the same trigger or a different one. I’m kinda dumb, can you explain the system to me briefly?

Oh wait NVM

There are two Lifecycles and Triggers.

The first pair of Lifecycles and Triggers detect if the Boss Player is knocked out.
If so, it ends the game.

The second pair detects if Team 1 knocks out the Boss Player and increments the “whowins” property.

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WOAH Why does it makes so much more sense now! Thanks!

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Sorry for bugging you again, but if you are still here, I want to ask how do I make a Relay (Team 2)

Click the + button in the Top-Left-Corner, search for the Relay, set the Relay Audience to All Players On Specific Team and the Team setting to “Team 2.”

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I think I am just the Dumbest Human ever, How did I not see that! Thanks!

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You are not dumb don’t say that. We learn as we go along.


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