Need help making it when a team is eliminated, the game ends

Saw another post talking about how to do it, but it was missing photos and the last step.

wdym. I gave the last step. I need to give pics after track and field

Look at: link post

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So basically the topic was closed because nobody responded to it within 3 hours so I just made a new one. If there’s an easier way please let me know!

it only closed because you marked a solution… :scream_cat:

Okay sorry I joined the forums like 2 days ago it’s all still new. But you told me to mark a solution?

@Kosm0-o I think I figured it out! 1. Place down triggers under the spawns that can only be triggered by that team, 2. wire it to a counter with a target of 0 so that it increments it, 3. adda lifecycle set to player knocked out wired to the counter, decrementing it, 4. add an end game device wired to the counter that ends game when the target of 0 is reached.

Yes! You got it! Jusy remember for the triggers: max trigger of 1. If you don’t do this then the counter can keep going up and it wont work!

@Kosm0-o I did a bit more testing to make sure it worked and it turns out it only works with 1v1. I’m working on something that fixes that now. Its basically: you spawn inside of a zone, that zone triggers a counter to increment, and once u tp to the map it disables the zone, enabling a new zone that triggers a trigger that can only be triggered by a team u get switched too once you d1e. that trigger decrements the counter. If I figure out how to use that padlet I could give you the code and you could help if you want.

Zones are kinda bugged on spawn for some reason. At least in my map that was. Also I just noticed a problem: The target needs to be 2 not 0. Also when the trigger is triggered teleport the person that triggered it back to lobby.

Yeah, zones are bugged in my maps too, but I figured out if you wire something too it and put it on a channel it usually works. Just doing 1 doesn’t for some reason

did you try changing the target value to 2 for the triggers or did u already delete the system?

I still have the system, but I don’t know what you mean because the counters start out as two, and if every person who is in the lobby raises the number by one and each team has their own counter, and then every person who d1es lowers it by one, shouldn’t the team who gets their counter back down to 0, which is the target, it ends the game?

wut. oh I guess. but counters always start at 0.

Is the idea for it to be a 2v2?

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it would make it easier if you could: can u use blocks?

Use this topic for a different version of mine. or choose blocks.

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yeah, but it raises for every player and lowers for every elimenation and the target is 0 so it should work right? Also, here is the system, its a bit messy lol but the zone on the right counts the players and the one on the left counts elimenations.

It wouldn’t work because counters start at 0 making the target value reached right away

I thought that would happen to, but its connected to end game when the target is reached, and the game doesn’t end until somone d1es.