How to end game with one team remaining?

I am making a duos BR game, and have teams of two. How do I make it so that when one duo is left, the game ends?

Thanks in Advance!


Try this. If it doesn’t work, look in the bedwars tag.

I’m trying to make it so that when one team is left, the game ends.

try counters and properties maybe?

When a player dies, it checks what team they are on. Then, it sets the property that keeps track of the number of team members in that team down one. Then, when the property is 0, it checks whether to end the game or not by checking if all of the other teams are set to 0. If so, it gives the winning team members an item and then ends the game.


Maybe look in the battle-royale tag?

It’s already solved, a solution just hasn’t been marked. You could add the resolved tag.

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