Im trying to make a system where where there's two teams and if one is eliminated the game ends

I can’t think of what to do next, here’s what i have:
Screenshot 2023-12-18 2.07.42 PM

property team 1:

property team 2:

both checkers (there is one for team 1 and one for team 2):

Please help, I am trying to make my game convenient for my English teacher!

Ko manager, team scoped, wired to a end game?

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@GimSolver , what’s a team scoped? I can’t find it in the device section.

Go make a relay, set it to (certain team) wire it in between the KO manager and the end game

Use a player counter to track the number of players on a team. Throw it in a counter.

Use a KO manager to track number of knockouts per team. Throw it in the counter as decrementing.

Once the counter hits 0, end the game.


It’s in the settings of a certain device.

I tried this and it only works if there is one person per team. Is there a way I could make it to however many people are on the team?