Does anyone know how to make a fortnite storm?

i did it for 35 minutes but it didnt work


what did you do in those 35 minutes?

the same thing california_love sent me

That guide doesn’t really work any more

ill look at it real quick.
also, welcome to the forums @Andreif6 !

What is a Fortnite storm?
Yes, welcome to the forums, @Andreif6!


Hm. That’s weird.

Try using a combination of pseudo health and zones

it doesn’t work? how?

ik i cant wire everthing to the same thing also

Its a circle that slowly closes in as the match progresses

Uh–it’s like when a big storm covers a huge area and if you’re inside of it, you start to lose health. If you don’t get out of it, you’ll keep losing health.

Yeah something like that. Using a counter that increments every second, it activates a huge zone that takes away health every second or so.

I’m pretty sure Pika_Pokemon said so. Or something. But at least I heard it doesn’t work

im trying to help my classmate hes making a battle royale game

@Andreif6 Does the storm move?
Does some of it always stay in the same place? If so, I have a solution

Channels would be the most effective in this situation

I haven’t played Fortnite in a long time.

I’ve never played Fortnite