Disabling Movement Meter Not Working

I have a lifecycle device hooked up to a movement meter that disables it on game start. However, when I start the game, I can’t move.

Have you checked if you’re standing on a wall not a floor?

If not I have no idea, sorry. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

No, because when I remove the meter you can move.

what are you trying to make the devices do?

There’s a setting in the movement meter to not make it active on game start. Try that instead.

I Dont think thats quite right there is a specific block that deals with that so Idk

I mean this post is 6 months old and the maker seems to have left

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eh Got bored had to answer something

here are some other movement meter bugs this is common im not too sure if josh has fixed it yet so heres hoping…

there a quite a lot more help posts and a couple bug posts about the movement meter most have not been resolved yet this bug with movement meters might be unfixable if its gone on this long without being fixed