Movement meter not setting speed right after running out of energy

the titles says it all

can you show pictures?

what i think is happening is that because it is set to make the player have energy to sprint i think its making it stop the player because the movment manager makes the player stop because theres no energy

Screenshot 2023-09-15 8.50.41 AM

and it still stops the player when out of energy

hmmm try setting the movement meter for all players by default?


oh and not just that when players run out of energy make sure it set to 0

didnt work

i tried its supposed to slow down the player after they run out of energy and itried ur method it just makes it so when ur not sprinting it just still takes energy

Lets ask some who is a genius with gimkit code, @getrithekd, can you solve this?

this is a hard one i had a problem like this

Thats why I pinged @getrithekd he would know the answer.

i can show you some images of the sprint and stamina system if that helps

uh i think he offline because remember the psa about rating diffculty?

yes please do so we can understand more

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Yes, and he will get on later, he always does so then he will look here and respond due to me pinging him.

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But i can try to help in the mean time.

yeah i think he trying out the tips i gave him so he can rate better in other guides i think? i haven’t see him respond tho with the tips i gave him.