Custom Key Bindings - Dream or Reality?

Yes, you read that title right. Today, I’m discussing custom key bindings in GKC.

If you don’t know, a key binding is the assignment of a key or combination of keys on a keyboard with a command. In other words, what a key on the keyboard does. For example, in Gimkit, arrow keys or WASD move the Gim around. Custom key bindings, or CKBs, are when the key bindings are changed. That would be like changing the WASD movement to OKL; movement. Now you may be wondering, how is this possible? It isn’t. Not for all the keys (yet). I have a solution to make one custom key binding. Yes, one. But why this entire post for one custom key binding? Well, all will be explained later.

Let’s get to it:

My theory was that any key that caused an action could be turned into a key for custom key binding. WASD and arrows were out of the question, as they were needed to move the Gim. I had only one other idea: the R key.

Normally, the R key doesn’t do anything. But when a player has a gadget and switches to it, pressing R reloads it. Say, we give each player 1 Light Shard for a Zapper. We’ll put a zone around the entire map (or the area you want) so that the player can’t fire it. Then, if they go onto the zapper and press R, a continuous checker sees that the player’s amount of light shards equals 0, it grants the player a new light shard and broadcasts on a channel. That channel is received by the key binding.

What could you do with this? Well, you could do lots. For example, it could be a special “power” with a cooldown. That could be made with a speed, damage, or health boost and a delay in when it gives the light shard. Or perhaps it could teleport the player elsewhere. An obtainable ability. There’s lots of ideas and ways you could implement this.

But here’s a warning if you’re trying to implement this into your game: any gadget using the same type of shards as the gadget that’s been used for the keybinds won’t work. Think carefully before adding this.

And there you have it, a step into CKBs in GKC. But you still may be wondering, a guide for just one button? No. You can help improve this theory and reply with ideas and observations of key bindings of Gimkit and how we could utilize them!

Warning: Replying to this topic shows that you have read and understand this theory. Anything otherwise will be flagged.

Credits to Kyro for proofreading!


@Foxy @GimSolver its done

Should this have the concept and/or technical tags?


Sooo the weapons wouldn’t automatically reload now?

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no way you just read 400 words that quickly

oh shoot you’re right

lemme think

I got it!

Only the weapons with the specific shard won’t auto reload.


Okie that makes sense.
Lol I’m a fast reader nobody mind the fact that I’m getting a C- in english


oh dang, I wish I could read 400 words that fast lol

also this is an interesting theory, being able to change some of the keybindings could open up a lot of possibilities for game modes and maps!

and haha you’re right, I was also wondering about the reload issues when I read it at first :sweat_smile:


ill go add the reload stuff rn


that sounds like a good idea, it should clear up any confusion:)

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Womp Womp, At least the gadgets that don’t have the key binds will work. Also How would you do the ability? So basically this Post on GKC is just about Keybinds?

In short: WASD and arrow keys can’t be used, R reloads, so you can make a checker to check if an ammo amount equals 0 (with the right settings and one ammo at the start of the game), and if true, give the player 1 ammo and do something. Oh, and put a no - shoot zone on the entire map.



What’s the ability you have in mind?

or the area you want


Wait, so basically, the key “R” broadcasts on a channel and we can use that channel for something else in our game?

I’m trying to understand it.

Thanks for the pin- hey! You said the title was 3 letters


Wait, so how would this look in GKC? IIM - property (changed) → checker? If I could understand it, I could use it.

Interesting theory. But I thought that inventory item managers couldn’t detect the drain of ammo via weapon reloads, or am I just delusional?

I’ve made keybinds for 3 and 2 by making players have different gadgets in each slot and then click to shot the gun. @WhoAmI it detects the drain from your inventory when the gun reloads.

oo, wut about mags for reloads so it could be more… american?

Ability: Random Teleportation

Just have a random teleportation system trigger when the player clicks r.

Okay, it’s for my One way out game anyways

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pretty sure i said three words

yeah that’s right