Custom Key Bindings - Dream or Reality?

seems interesting
going to be busy testing things

I dont remember publishing this guide…

Jokes aside, this is a great concept and one that I’ve considered for a long time. Super useful for getting around Gimkit’s limitations.


for a sec I thought you were wingwave

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Okay. I made the system, and I found a few issues:

  1. You can only use it as many times as the gadget can hold.
  2. If you have more than one of the ammo at once, it auto refills to max.
  3. It ALWAYS broadcsats on game start.

huh interesting even tho flawed maybe a combination of devices which I might experiment for a bit can give the player 1 ammo at a time and not starting the cool down until that ammo is gone with a checker that subtracts a piece of ammo if it reaches more than one and then gives another piece of ammo after the cool down is done there fore giving the keybinding button a cool down and making it easier to control the timing and somewhat solving one flaw… I think

and as for the 3rd problem clic clac mentioned maybe connect a counter ( to the ammo checker you mentioned in this topic like if the ammo = 0 then increment counter) that updates a number property with a checker that only broadcasts when the keybinding is pressed and the property is more than one

and while the first problem is not really fixable it can depend on the gadget used ig if I read the topic correctly #mostlikelyignored ._.

could you edit it to make a tl;dr?

anywyas, noicee guide. been a while since I’ve seen a research topic…

As far as I know, you can’t open something with a keybind right?
Unless you can do it with blocks, something I have never touched.
If we get them in the next update (my bet is its gonna be building in Platformer mode)

This is a cool theory!

When you said

I joined a my map and started pressing the keys C,K, and B and not thing was happening then I realized it was an abbreviation to Custom Key Bindings :laughing:

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shdwy approval :0

From one pixelated Christmas hat to another, I appreciate it.

So, does it only work once per gadget?

Dang, I should have tested this theory first.

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Ok, then the test I made a while back must have been flawed.

read the first post please it explain it

Crazy, it’s like he stole my profile picture.

@wingwave i thought this was just for april fools lol

For this, you can use a signal cutter, or just deactivate the receivers for the first second or something.

What do you mean? As many times as the gadget can hold what?


Clicclac probably said that it was as many times as the magazine size.

It isn’t, though, is it? Can’t you repeat it indefinitely by just getting a new signal every time the thing senses it?

Yeah. You could give the person ammo every time it decreases, but last time I checked, the system I made that was very similar didn’t work.

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After testing the system, it seems to work perfectly fine aside from the fact that you need to shoot the weapon. Afaik, there’s no way to edit the ammo once it’s in the weapon.
I would propose granting a new gadget, but that maxes the ammo.

You can specify the amount of ammo in a gadget to be granted in the item granter.

Oh, sweet. I was looking at a starting inventory.
Yeah, so this is infinitely reproducible by just removing the item and granting a new one every time. Great!

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