Cool Ways to Use Props [Dificulty ⬜ or 0/10]

Wdym? Oh wait…that’s not good…. Lemme ping @WhereIsMyHat … that’s really not good. I guess well make a Cool Ways to Use Props 2.0 when we run out…

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or a part 2!

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I could try to reduce characters on this… I’ll take out filler words like “just” and others.

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Yeah, removing the spoiler/s should help.

We might need to create a wiki soon though since we will run out eventually…

Twofoursixeight said the Character Limit is 30,000.

I can make a new one when we run out.


Character limit is 32000

Oh no. I’ll make a 2.0 and link it.

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This is my art work.

Do you like it?


Definitely! This looks great!


Thanks you :slight_smile:
I made it in five minutes, lol.

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Great job! I’ll see if I can make it!

Can you add it to the new one?

What do you mean about that?

theres 2 guides on this cuz this one ran out of space

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Then how are we still on it?

Wait, nooo!


The official guide is out of characters.

What do you mean when you say that?

The character limit on this forum is 30,000 and we surpassed that.
Go to the 2.0 version.