Cool Ways to Use Props [Dificulty ⬜ or 0/10]

How have we surpassed the character limit already?

Is it because of off topic and irrelevant posting?

Look at the amount of props and dropdowns added, lol.
My Among Us TUG is probably next if we add more to it.

No, the char limit doesn’t apply to all posts in the topic, only each post and more specifically, we ran out of characters for the first post.


dang this post is super well made!

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What happens if we surpass the character limit?

You can’t post any more characters.


Then how are we doing this?

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We made a 2.0 version.

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My question is what does the character limit do?

It stops you from posting any more characters upon being reached.


There’s a character limit?

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Yep. Took a while to reach. (It’s probably all from the image text)

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Try this post too!
More ideas here!

Bruh. What do we need all of those goofy stockmen for? They take up space and each time they are slightly modified. This is a how to reuse props not how to create stickmen library.


not “slightly” but they kind of deserve a guide of their own (which already happened) instead of here

Those aren’t props tho…

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They don’t really have to be… It’s the thought that counts.


Laser Blaster

A working laser blaster for all of your laser blaster needs. :grinning:

Screenshot 2023-12-15 12.39.17 PM
Screenshot 2023-12-15 12.40.08 PM
Screenshot 2023-12-15 12.40.43 PM

Original Made Build