Can you remove health?

Is there any way to remove health from players? and if not whats my second best option?

There is sadly no clean way to do it, you can’t put negative values in the health granter. You could maybe use lasers to remove health though.

but how would they be in the right spot?

im trying to make a burning status effect, so it slowly chips health away

Yeah… this is why I say there isn’t a clean solution. I really can’t think of any practical ways to make a burning effect :frowning:

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alright. I wont mark a solution yet just in case some genius walks in and solves world hunger and my problem

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I can’t solve your problem, but I had a similar issue. Maybe looking at it could help. There are a few solutions. Like pseudo-health.


Judging by how long that thread is, psuedo health seems really complicated
(i got halfway before I got confused)

Have you tried the toxic cloud thing?

Huh? What toxic cloud thing?

So… basically, you use a property to store player health, and repeatedly check if the property is less than or equal to 0. If so, you respawn the player.

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And I can add notifs so they now whats going on and stuff right?

Yeah- you could use an overlay to display their health.

It’s a really old guide, hold up

There we go

alright. I’ll brb, got sum experimenting to do

This won’t work, it’s designed for AOE damage, but that isn’t what B_urn is looking for. They want a way to damage a specific player with a fire effect, regardless of their location.

I tried.

Just make sure you read through the whole topic to get a better idea of what has been tried, and what won’t work :slight_smile:

The link I sent was meant to simulate hail, which is sorta what they want. Damage chipping away, slowly.

can I bump this topic yet…?