All Things Pseudo Health (Don't reply)

I’m thinking the title explains it well enough. I’m trying to make hail.

Wow! You’re usually the one with the answers! As for the question, I am not completely sure, I have never heard of one.

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There is no negative health granter yet.

Maybe you could use lasers


No, you can’t.
You can use Pseudo-Health or lasers.
(Lasers that activate corresponding to the text that was made visible)

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Lasers? What do you mean?

you could make invisible low damage lasers all over the map to simulate gradual health loss.

Laser Beams damage players without having to aim or have imperfection (sentry noises), as long as the player touches it.
Still very impractical but better than the sentry.

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Like randomly turn on and off lasers in to lose health and hail animation to make it seem like it is hailing

I have answers but for the others that usually have the answers, I don’t think they play GKC very much. I think they mostly are on the forums, so they don’t have to ask questions. Me and Blizzy are expections.

Actually I am not completely sure if you can make a laser completely invisible.

Yes you can, make the Laser Beam path black and disable showing the start and end point.

But they won’t be gradually losing health. It’ll just be if they step somewhere.

You can make the path invisible and the beginning and end point invisible. I think you can make the laser beam invisible too but i’m not sure.

you could use psuedo health then

Why do you keep replying to yourself? xD

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Then just Activate and Deactivate the Laser Beams once if you don’t want them to gradually lose health?

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Whoops just noticed lol.

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What’s a pseudo-health and more important question (embarrassing) I don’t know how to make a property, is it like channels?

I think he wants to move around. Gimsolver: you could put the laser beams everywhere if you want, but it would take up a lot of memory

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Don’t feel bad I don’t know what those are either.

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