Can someone help?

I am going to make crossy road and i dont know how to make the mechanics. Does anyone know how to do that?

For the things to dodge stuff, it needs motion. Are you a beginner, first?

You can use this guide to make cars. Use lasers instead of props.

If you want to add the side scrolling aspect, use this:


I could not figure out how to do it. Could you help me?

No codes are allowed. Please post them on the wixsite.

yeah, please edit it out! thanks!

where is that? (Im sorry. I am new to the community)

no problem! Here!

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@CringeKarlScott made a wix website to post j0in codes on

Thank you! How come the codes are not allowed on here?

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it would cause clutter in the forums

that makes scence. Are you good with coding stuff?

i know a little bit of coding, but not a bunch, lol

if you wan’t some people who really know how to code, ask @Blackhole927, @Here_to_help, @mysz, @ClicClac, @Zypheir, @WhoAmI, and @getrithekd


Thanks for the help!

idk thats just what vortex said

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Ah, the painful if-then loops required by not being able to concatenate < or > signs.

I’m pretty good with coding too.

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Very true.

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