Can anyone tell me how to make a BlastBall System?

Before You Read: This BlastBall court is a side quest from the main game. A game is 1 minute and only 1 on 1. And when they “go onto a team” they are not actually joining a new team.

Here is the system I want to make: When 1 player clicks an invisible button behind (so it looks like you are clicking a Gate Console Prop) A prop, then it says a notification to everyone that (example:) BOB went on to team Gimchester United. Then, it won’t teleport them to the field until someone else goes on to the other team. (Same Gate-Console button system but a separate prop). But, in the time that BOB chose that team, no one else can click the button and go into that team. Then, once two people click both buttons, they are teleported to the arena for exactly 1 minute. The first person to score a goal wins. At this time, no one else can go onto the teams. But, if a player wins, they will get a reward and be teleported to a random room. But, if they lose they will be teleported to the box of shame. And the player who is in the box will have to stay in there for a minute. And, in the BlastBall time, you lose your weapons and only get a blaster for the minute. You get your weapons back at the end.

I know this sounds super hard, but I would IMMENSELY appreciate it if any legend could figure this one out. And if they want I will put them in my game credits. Thanks!

Check this guide out and see if it has what you are looking for.

And try this:

connect the goals to a property via counter, and make the scoreboard track that counter
Scored->Increment counter
Make the counter connected to a property that is set on number
Make that property show on scoreboard

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(but yes, I think my guide can help out.)

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Thanks for clearing it up!

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Thanks for forgiving me! (Only If you do ofc)

Are you willing to make an item manager for every weapon in your game?

Wouldn’t just be easier to have a trigger that temporarily removes weapons? (If that’s possible)

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Yea, removing all weapons. Yes. Item granter and button, or trigger, or game overlay.

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Thanks for confirming.

If you would like to remove items with item granters, which would probably be more efficient, cause I’m guessing your using only the blaster, if not, do all the weapons your using…

Introducing, NEGATIVES!!! (and variables)

-X. You should be having Whatever you need, just replace the X with your number, 1, 5, 999, I don’t really care, since I don’t own or make your game, but yes. Just in case if you didn’t know how to remove items using an item granter.

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You cannot disable specific weapons.
The only way to do it is to check what weapons they have, remove them, and then grant them back afterwards. The only way to check what weapons they have is with an item manager.

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Thank you so much. This is perfect.

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Oh, This is also perfect!