Can anyone tell me how to make a BlastBall System?

You can disable specific weapons.

(Inventory item manager!! just put the max 0.)

but if you wanna give it back, yeah that’s good.

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that wont disable them. That would just remove them right?

Yea. Which is pretty much disable the use. Cause It’ll be dropped on the ground. Then you can use a zone to decay the item.

Hey, do you people know how to, when a button is pressed, set text to “(Player that pressed button 1) V.S. (Player that pressed button 2)”?


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And, after you remove the weapons, is there a way to get the same ones back again?

Yep. And with the name button thing, just repeat it twice.

simple method: item spawner

complex more better method: if you get that item, it links to a property and make it true that you had it. If true, grant that item.

For complex better method, you need an inventory manager, a property, and an item granter for every weapon in your game. You would also have to give each thing unique channels, and you would have to make blocks for each inventory manager. You would also probably have to do wiring on top of that. This is the only way to give players the exact weapons back.

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How do I get a notification to go out? Just- Here is the system I need: When a button is clicked, a notification going out says (Player’s name who clicked the button) Joined Kitcelona!

Here is what it should look like.
Screenshot 2024-04-08 5.21.15 PM
The wires are:
button pressed > trigger
property value changed > run wire pulse block
Change trigger settings however you want (don’t touch channels)
Put this in trigger blocks:

Make sure the notification is given to the correct audience.
Notification block:

You can switch out what you want as the title and content.

Thank you so much. I figured this out on my own to save memory, so you were just a bit too late, but thank you SO MUCH, for doing this. Here’s my pic:
Screenshot 2024-04-08 5.09.44 PM

Your welcome I suppose.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to come off as mean!

Does anyone know how if a player presses one button, they can’t press another for at least 2 minutes?

You certainly did not come off as mean at all.
Make this setup.
The first wire repeater goes like this:
button pressed > repeat > deactivate button
the second wire repeater has a delay of 120 seconds and does this:
button pressed > repeat > activate button
Hope this helps.


maybe a zone that stops players from attacking in areas u don’t want them to…