The ULTIMATE Guide To Blastball! ⚽

My draft disappeared… :frowning:

But welcome!

From well experienced veterans on gimkit creative and its forums, to the new generation of gimkit players…

Hello! In this guide today, we’re gonna be learning the ULTIMATE GUIDE to the new gimkit device, Blastball.

Now with that out of the way, lets cont…

Wait? What’s Blastball you asked? Glad you definitely did ask!

                 ⚽ What is Blastball? ⚽

Now, Blastball is a simple topic to conceive, and I’m not gonna spend much time here since my old draft went snapped by Thanos, but here are some key notes on what it’s about!

  • Inspired by soccer, and for even more proof, gimkits season ticket has Gimchester United. This is extremely similar to the real life team, Manchester United. But I don’t do soccer… sooo next one!
  • You use gadgets to “Kick” the ball!
  • Why don’t you go into game and just try it out yourself? It’s free exp!

Now, thanks for listening! Let’s get started into…

            ⚽The ULTIMATE Guide To Blastball!⚽

Now, this device is pretty unique, boasting so many varieties and different types of looks! Have a look for yourself!

Now that’s TONS of options to choose from! 8 of them!

It takes up 1000 memory every ball, with a max of 12.

This device is extremely special, with the all new physics category for a device, which has been never seen!

Now, lets check it out. But before that, he’s what the ball looks like compared to your in game Gim! This first ones at max size!

What a MASSIVE difference!
Now here’s the smallest size!
Screenshot 2024-02-06 5.29.02 PM
So tiny!

So now we can move onto physics :apple:

                The Physics Part Of Blastball

So, we’re at the physics part of blastba- HEY, DONT CLICK OFF NEW FORUM USER! TRUST ME, ITS REALLY NOT THAT BAD!

Ok, now we’re at the physics part of the Blastball. Here are the settings

I’ll cover the mass setting first, since it’s not covered .

Basically, the more mass it has, the harder it is to move it. The size of the ball is also taken into consideration of the equation of determining how much it can move every time you shoot it.

Next, is friction.

If you know basic 5th grade science and stuff, you’ll hopefully know what friction means. The more friction, the quicker the ball can slow down.

  • Bounce
    Bounce is also a simple concept. The higher it is, the more your gadgets can pack a punch into it and deal much more knockback to the ball.

Next, Hit Impact.

Basically, it (haha, get punned) impacts how hard it gets hit. Lets say if you have it really high, then it’s velocity will go MUCH faster. Lower, and it’s not gonna go as fast.

And last, Top speed.

Do I need to explain myself? Basically how fast its max speed can go.

                 Uses for the Blastball!

The first obvious no brainer is to use it for soccer, but it can be used for every sport. Maybe :football:, or hockey, basketball, but there are so many practical uses!

It can be used for so many things, but I think it’s best for your imagination to do the job. (This section recommended by @moon)

                          The End!

Thank you so much for reading! This took quite a bit of work, and I hope you enjoyed reading The ULTIMATE guide on BLASTBALL!


Nice format! You made this quickly… :dash: I thought you were making a nature-of, but this is really good!


Make it a tug and are you finished? There way more stuff you can add.

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Thanks! Maybe I can transform this into both, but I think someone else can do it, and make it a wiki so we can all collaborate on it.

Actually the device is just called the ball


Yes, I am finished. I explained all the things, besides channels, but that’s the same for any device.

You can explain on what and what thing you can use for it.

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@Cellofive Yeah, realized that but oh well, its fine.

@Moon Sure, I can do it right now.

Alright, done it. @Moon

@Gimsolver hey, I just realized I didn’t do the ball captured zone… but would you like to do that part?


@Txme_Lxss do you know if you can damage other players with the ball?

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well, this is a tug, so just add it!


Probably not, unless you teleport them to a room with a laser.

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That was very helpful. thanks. :grinning:

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No Problem!

If you would like help with anything, you could make a help guide and ping me and I can see if I can help!

Nice guide!


Sorta reminds me of your soccer guide.


It’s sad. No one is ever going to click on it ever again. My guide, I mean. To be honest, I don’t think anyone has made it.

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Didn’t you make it?
clicks on guide
but tbh, the balls were inevitable.


Um yeah. Of course I did. I mean other people.
And that’s true. The balls were inevitable. Everyone wanted them, and there was Blastball.


Not saying this is a bad guide but you made several spelling mistakes in this guide but I can’t edit it for some reason.