Can anyone help me w/ my RPG game?

The pokemon tag is similar to rpg games

What mechanics do you need help with?
Please be more specific.

i need help with the fighting stuff, so basically there will be a popup saying: do you want to challenge ___? and it will teleport you to a arena like place

also, its going to be a fight where you take turns

So you want a lobby to get weapons and an arena to fight?

basically yes like you choose ur weapons then fight

Make a place with item spawners that spawn gadgets and make a no-shooting zone covering that area.
Place a game overlay button and connect it to a teleporter to teleport to the arena.

Maybe check out this guide if you haven’t yet:

i already did a lot of times

also where is @Thats_Gimpossible

Whoops, sorry about that. What specifically do you need help with now, as it looks like you have the arena part down?

now i need help with the merchants

Like a trading sentry?

You’ll have to place a barrier above/around the sentry, so it doesn’t shoot the player.

basically yessss (these are cool words)

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yeah just use a button and pop up, not much to it.

You’d also need to wire call to actions to vending machines for the trading part

Yeah, but the jist of it is pretty simple.

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