Can anybody please help me with my Gimkit map? Right now I only have the outer edge of the skeld done, and I am currently working on the outside edges of the rooms, so after I can work on the insides of the rooms

Skeld Map Screenshot (In the actual game, not GKC)

Screenshot 2024-03-10 4.30.34 PM

(Kind of)

Also edit the post so that the title is short and the actual part that explains stuff is on the post

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thanks I really appreciate it

Yeah right now I am work on the room below the very far right room in the middle

Do y’all mean gimkit codes to where y’all can joinn me

yes those will get you flagged


These should help:

You can also check the among-us tag.


Longest title award


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You can try describing what you need help with, but not sending us codes.

Im here, at least for a short while, so can i still help with this?

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Yeah, anyone can help!

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you can check out magenta dragons among us. its really popular

you would need a padlet or a wix to share gimkit codes

I really love your guides but i’m back from school and yes I still need help

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I also really love your guides and I also used some of yours and wolf’s guides in my among us and bedwars and CTF maps


I can make thumbnail if you need I’ll get it done in the next half an hour if you want just tell me what the map is called and give some things you want in it or just game title and I’ll make it for ya

I have 3 maps altogether and it is also stupid that the messages have to be 20 characters long

@Nature_Boy_Drama16 try putting characters in a <> they won’t show up on your post

I need a thumbnail for my Bedwars map

This looks like a fantastic topic, but in the feature can you not make it to long just saying.