Can anybody please help me with my Gimkit map? Right now I only have the outer edge of the skeld done, and I am currently working on the outside edges of the rooms, so after I can work on the insides of the rooms

So does anyone wanna help me

  1. Remember not to post codes.
  2. It’s good etiquette to put the post in the post.
  3. Hey @WolfTechnology, get over here!

Sorry I can’t help out more, but Wolf made the skeld in GKC and I suck at design.


dang okay well have a good day

wolf is not going to be active for the entire week

hello can you help me with my map

Wait actually oh I kinda off needed his help


Hmm. Well, that’s not good.

I think I could do it by myself

apparently he has spring break

do u mean codes as in GimKit map codes to help me

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Skeld Map Screenshot (In the actual game, not GKC)

Screenshot 2024-03-10 4.30.34 PM

(Kind of)

Also edit the post so that the title is short and the actual part that explains stuff is on the post

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thanks I really appreciate it

Yeah right now I am work on the room below the very far right room in the middle

Do y’all mean gimkit codes to where y’all can joinn me

yes those will get you flagged


These should help:

You can also check the among-us tag.


Longest title award


(post deleted by author)

You can try describing what you need help with, but not sending us codes.

Im here, at least for a short while, so can i still help with this?

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