Guide to Among Us: The Skeld Map

Hi! I’m @PotionMaster, and this is my first guide on these forums! It’s been about 150 days for me, and not a single guide…
Before you check out this guide, make sure to check out these guides about the same map made by other awesome people:

And also this guide where there might be something:

This guide does not use any devices, wires, or blocks, only props and terrain. In the cafeteria, you might see some random wires and devices in the top right, just ignore that.

The Rooms

Note before you continue: Magenta_Dragon’s version of a vent, a metal briefcase turned upside down with collision off, looks more like the real one from Among Us.


Here, the floor is made with a pattern of concrete and light scraps. The tables are made of blue corner tables and white tables. The color they are tinted is R 58, G 110, B 145, like this.

The four corner sofas are arranged in a circle, and then the round table is placed on top of them. Make sure to go into “Layers” and put the round tables above all of the corner couches. Here is the bottom of the cafeteria:

This room is oddly shaped, with a straight line of concrete 4 blocks thick down the middle, bordered by gray spaceship corridor, and the edges of the room are light scraps. It looks like this.

The decorations in the room are four blue lounge chairs, an escape hatch as a vent, a command table in the bottom right corner, and the scanning task thing made out of a large dinner plate and four small snow piles.

Dinner plate:

Snow piles:

Upper Engine:
This is a pretty simple room. The floor is concrete with two horizontal stripes of dry grass.

There is an escape hatch as a vent in the corner. The actual engine is made of an orange gate console, with a 3d-printer in the layer below, and a light gray space container (on) in the layer below that. Nothing in this room is tinted.


Bottom of the reactor

This is one of the more complicated rooms. There is a big section of grilled spaceship catwalk partially bordered by light scraps, with a few lines of ice near the door. Right in front of the door, there is light metallic.
The actual reactor is made of a light gray space container (on) on the bottom, a light purple space container (off) above that. The triangular-looking roof on the top is a tinted small snow pile.

The pipe thing on the bottom is a tinted metal sign.

The two circle-looking things on the metal sign are tinted snow piles.

There are also two escape hatches as vents in this room.

This is a pretty small, simple room. The floor is all lab floor (green), and on top there’s a rainbow gaming chair, a command table, and three monitors. In the middle there is a lab table, some paper, and a stool. On the bottom right, there is an escape hatch as a vent.

Lower Engine:
This room is essentially the same as the upper engine, but the escape hatch/vent is in the bottom right corner.

If you want to make electrical like I did, i.e. very realistic, it takes some patience.

The floor is marble stone (dark). The row in the middle is made of a light purple space container (off), a rotated light gray space container (off), and two side-by-side rotated 3d-printers. The back row has an escape hatch as a vent, a command table, and in the corner, a 3d-printer, dark gray space container (off), and an orange gate console. If you want to do the wires like I did… all I can say is try to copy it exactly, and good luck. Here are the wire tint colors:


The bottom

The floor is made with a pattern of borderless wooden boardwalk and marble stone (dark). It was as realistic as I could get it. The whole jumble of stuff in the middle is made from an assortment of space containers, garbage bins, and crates. It doesn’t really matter what containers or what color or what size yours are, as long as it fits the general shape. The only important things in my opinion are the gas canisters, because you need them for a task, and that floating light purple space container on the top. For the upper left, there’s a bunch of plants in glass jars, and a garbage bin. For the top right, a mop and bucket can be recreated with a bucket and a blackboard leg.


The floor is magenta lab floor. On top, there is a gate console and desks with monitors and gaming chairs separated by metal poles. In the middle there is a big command table, and in the bottom left there is an escape hatch. In the corner, there is also an off arcade machine and a laptop on the ground.


There are 2 3d-printers stacked on top of each other, 2 light gray space containers stacked on top of each other, and a desk with 3d-printer, papers, and a gate console. In the upper right corner, there is also another gate console. Those three light brown rectangles near the bottom are barriers. There are computers on the left and right ones, and on the bottom one there is a laptop and 3d-printer. The floor is blue lab floor.


The yellowish floor is sand. The other gray floor on the other side of the fence is dark marble stone. The hexagon thing in the middle is made of metal poles. The fences are just fence props rotated and colored red. Near the bottom, there is an escape hatch, a sideways command table, and a gate console. The yellow wires are metal poles colored yellow. There are a few tinted plant canisters lining the walls. Here are the colors for all tinted props: There’s quite a few in this room.


This room is pretty small and simple. The walkway at the front is light scraps, the two dark rectangles above and below are blue lab floor, and the rest is just concrete. At the front, there are three command tables, all rotated, and gaming chairs behind all of them. There is a gate console to the left of the top command table. Lining the edges, there are pink metal poles. And there is also for some reason two vents/escape hatches in this room, at the top and bottom left.


This last room is annoying and is also the one I am most unsatisfied with. The yellowish floor is sand, and the dark floor is dark scraps. The gray wires are metal poles with no tint. There is an escape hatch and gate console in the top middle, and a gate console in the right middle. The fence tints are the same as the fences in shields. The reddish objects are metal signs of different sizes, and this is the tint:

Here are the tints for the tiny ceramic plates from lightest to darkest:

This is the tint for the table:

And for the corner couches on the table:

For the green blackboard: (note the 0.30 transparency)

And for the four gray blackboards in the side: (Note the 0.70 transparency)


This room is pretty simple. The floor is made out of light scraps. There are stacks of Light Gray Space Containers (off) around, and also stacks of Gray Space Containers (on) near the bottom. Here and there, there will be lone light gray space containers, some of which are rotated. In the top, there is a command table, an enlarged Glass Cup: Infested, two Purple Space Containers (On), a bucket, a blue chemical, and there is also a blue chemical in the bottom. The water pools on the bottom are made of the water floors. If you look closely, you can see metal poles separating the water pools and bordering them. Here is the tint:

Also, in the pools are a bunch of random alien plants with no tints.

The Halls

All the halls are bordered by dark metallic, and the floors are made of lined and grilled spaceship catwalds.
Here is the hall connecting the left side of Cafeteria to Upper Engine and Reactor:

Here is the hall connecting Upper Engine, Lower Engine, Reactor, and Security.

Here is the hall connecting Lower Engine to Electrical and Storage:

Here is the hall connecting the bottom of Cafeteria to Storage and Admin:

Here is the hall connecting Storage to Shields and Communications:

NOTICE: In the process of making this guide, I unfortunately lost my account and everything in it, so there will be no more screenshots. Fortunately, I think that everything is already included in the guide. For the rest of the hallways, I think you’ll have to go back into the Rooms section and use the ones there. If there’s anything missing, I can try to re-create it or you could just make something up. Really really sorry about this.

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Also, one last thing: I made this a wiki in case I ever want to add something else to this guide. Please don’t edit if unless you have permission (If you want permission just ask).
If you need me to make any revisions, like explaining something better/more, don’t hesitate to ask.
As always, happy Gimkitting!



Nice art Guide, @PotionMaster, I’ll link it in my Among Us TUG’s art section.
(You finally made a guide after so long)


Wow! I love the art, @PotionMaster!!!


PotionMaster, you have come a very long way from being just the funny duolingo bird on the forums. This guide right here is proof of that. This should be the standard towards what every other art guide strives towards. The art and explanations were both beautiful. Nice guide, PotionMaster. Nice guide.


Nice guide! Good to see you back up and running again, PotionMaster. I didn’t you know you were a Gimkit artist. Well done!

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Wow! This is cool! Nice guide!

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A bit more accurate vent is a metal briefcase turned upside down with collsion off.

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Ok I added that right under Rooms



Ah! I got BUMPED into the among us skeld map!


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