Among Us Skeld Map (7/10) Map Making

So this map was made on May 23, 2023, and has blown the minds of everyone that has saw it. I originaly made this map for a friend on Fandom and later it became my greatest map ever made. It took me about 8 days to make, and in my defense Gimkit Creative just came out so we were all new to this.It is based off of a blurry photo of the real Skeld map. And it is impossibly accurate. Recently I was asked by @lcornwell3923 to design the Skeld map, and thats when I realized, I had aready made the map, months pryer. And because I am a map designer and not a coder, I will only include screenshots of the map. Because the map was for a friend it was made on his account and I don’t have access to it, I will reach out to him so he can allow me to screenshot each room. I hope that when this guide comes out it will be used well, and well liked by this community. I will update this guide when I get the photos which should be by 9/20/23. Update; the photos are all now on! I am planing on making the other 2 Among Us maps a making guides for them as well, but this guide is now complete. So if you want to make a great Among Us map, this is the guide for you. Special thanks to @Blackhole927 for helping get the big photos, I could not have made this guide with out your help.

Thank you for your time,

-Med Bay:




Screenshot 2023-09-21 5.04.29 PM

Screenshot 2023-09-21 5.06.10 PM



-Upper Engine:

-Lower Engine:
Screenshot 2023-09-20 7.11.40 PM



-Spawn Ship:

-Voting Ship:
Screenshot 2023-09-21 5.12.56 PM

-Map Over View:

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Wouldn’t this be a showcase? Not really showing someone how to do something, just showing it?


Yes it will be a show case, I would show how to make it but it was made months ago, and I work on a lot of maps for others, so I kind of forgot how I made it. Plus the guide would be INSANLY huge just one room might be the size of a small guide. So to save on space and because of my great memory, it will be a show case.


Wow, nice job! What does skeld mean, though? I’ve never played among us.


Skeld is the map name, like there are many different maps and I only have made one, and this might surprise you, but I have never played Among Us either. I have seen videos on it and the old Gims looked just like crewmates, just without the backpacks.


The reason I asked is because I am pretty sure that showcase can be flagged.


If its a guide and I was asked, if it gets flagged I will ping the mods to make sure it does not get flagged.


I don’t get what you are saying. Even if someone wants you to make it you still could get in trouble for that. The world doesn’t bend to their will.

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what i mean is that i was asked, many people would love to see a guide on an accurate description of what to make, and this i pretty much a response. Plus only new users trying to get the flag badge would flag a post lie this. And if it does get flagged I will chat with the mods to make sure it does not get deleted and the flag goes away.


I don’t think your chat will go well, but do as you wish. The world doesn’t bend to me, either.

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Why do you think it will get flagged? Are you trying to flag it? Because I don’t see the reason that i need to worrie, plus many people have made guides with just photos like a showcase.


I never said that. Posts that are just the pictures and a description of the maps can be flagged. And which guides are those?

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Idk, i have just seen some in the past and made one. And please show me were in the guidelines say this is off-topic.


I was told by others in the Monopoly guide, because others started talking about showcases.


Well I will still make it for the community because I think it will be a big help and success. But thank you for warning me.


Hey while you are adding the pictures, can you include the dimensions too. Thank you for your hard work. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wdym dimensions? And thanks!


I need the dimensions so that I can know the exact way you built it. I am not that creative. :rofl:


You’re so very welcome


It would also be a better guide.