Button not clicking for some reason

so I dont know why but my game overlay button for my questioner is not clicking it’s not even showing the signifying cursor for clicking I don’t know what is going on. can someone please help me?

Did u do it right?.. .

yes I connected the wire and everything

Try to make it in zones, then place zones all over your map or in the area that they are needed in. Here is a guide on how to do that;

Try this;

Should answer and fix your issue.

That’s what I did I connected the wire from the game overlay to the questioner with the right connections and all of that and it’s still not working it worked earlier in the week but today it just gave out or something I don’t know

when was this map created? if it was created before the season laucnhed you will have to scrap the map, its a bug that is unfix able and you might just want to restart you device and it that does not work, you will need to do it on another map and scratch the old one. My apologies.

i made it recently and it worked for a while but then just stopped

@getrithekd @Blackhole927 @IlliniSD can yall help me with this? They are the best coders on the forum so if they don’t know, i don’t know what to say.

okay thank you I really appreciate the help

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can i see the overlay settings?

Maybe try deleting and replacing it? Wires are still a little buggy.

Your problem is that your overlay is set to “Text”, not “Button”

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